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GPS:Always puts up a choose screen for Google Nav vs VZ Nav

I have this HTC Incredible 2 running Android 2.3.4 and it's pretty annoying that every time I try to use Google Maps to navigate somewhere using GPS I get the popup thing that asks if I want to use Google Navigation or VZ Navigator. I check the box to remember my choice but it persists in coming up every time. How can I stop that so it always uses Google Naviation for GPS guidance? Better yet, how can I remove the VZ bloatware or freeze it (stock, it's a company owned phone). I also now see messages from some backup app that doesn't identify itself in my notifications saying it can't back up due to no wireless. I don't want that since I think it just backs up my contacts and I have them all on google anyway, so how can i stop that message from coming up? I assume it's backup assistant?  I'd like to get rid of blockbuster and other bloatware that get in the way when they need to be updated, etc. Why would Verizon make their product so frustrating to use by doing this with the bloat apps? Thanks for any help.

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Re: GPS:Always puts up a choose screen for Google Nav vs VZ Nav

Yes Diver4243, I've always had same issue with using "Navigator" that even after you click on the blue Google "Navigator" icon, it'll still stop and make you choose between "Navigator" (FREE from Google) or "VZNavigator" (bears extra charge/costs from Verizon).  I just got off phone with VZW and HTC asking them what this new software update was all about, explaining that after a year of trouble free use, with the original Dinc(1), they rendered it useless after 1 or 2 upgrades.  Now I'm affraid they're going to KAPUT this Dinc2 on me.  VZW said nothing more about the upgrade other than it's adding enhancements...DAHHH!  They then told me to call HTC for more info.  Called HTC, they added that it was to deal with security issues, and to call VZW, that they no more about it...HAHHH!!!  HTC also admitted (more or less) that WE really don't own (our own phones) and that THEY can put on/take off stuff as often as they like (said to read Google/VZW contract).  When is VZW (and probably others) gonna realize that such TRICKERY and FORCING of unwanted contract/software upgrades, apps, etc. (along with less service/higher plan prices ) on us (that we don't want), is making us a little more savy as to who has the better prices/deals per the most consumer controlled devices.  I know a lot of people that are getting disgussted with VZW's FORCING of plan upgrades (really downgrades).  Shocking thing is the majority of this group are the youngbloods (College students, etc.) that really need this technology, that can't afford it!  My Daughter is one that is "JUMPING SHIP"!  GOOD LCUK!