GPS & Gingerbread 2.3.6
Specialist - Level 1

I downloaded the APP "GPS Status & Toolbox."  Even though it's free It worked so well I used PayPal to send them the donation they asked for.


The altitude is right on target.  It was at 2,152 feet and that is spot on for this area.  I suppose you know that altitude is probably the weakest statistic from a GPS unless you are either a surveyor and have a multiple thousand dollar system or the navigator of a B2 bomber although his GPS system may cost as much as your house because he needs very precise targeting.


It took 7 seconds for the first fix but I had already run the GPS Status & Toolbox "A-GPS" tune up utility.  Quickly after that I had 6 satellites.


For folks that really use the phones GPS you need this APP for A-GPS...believe me!


The compass is so good I will probably un-install my other compass APP.


If you did install a level dump it.  There is one in the middle of the compass that you can see and it digitally shows the ROLL and PITCH of your vehicle if you're a 4WDer.


From there l went to Google Maps and BAM I was instantly to a friends house that was 400 miles away.


In my Settings>Locations & Security I had both the Google Location Services and the Standalone GPS services turned on but the VZW location services were turned off (unchecked).


As a test I then turned everything off and only had the "Standalone GPS Services" on and re-started GPS Status & Toolbox.

It again received the first fix in 7 seconds.  That A-GPS turn up really works.


All this inside our house where in the past it took 3-6 minutes to get a fix and sometime it couldn't get a fix at all..