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I continually receive a message about my SD card being removed. When looking in phone storage the SD card info shows as unavailable. The card is good and can be read in windows without any trouble, but the phone keeps throwing that message alert at times. To stop it i remove the SD card and battery then it goes away for a day or two. Running version 2.3.4 of Android. Any ideas on what can be done to resolve this?

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brett22 - SD cards can be tricky, but they should never do a disappearing act from your phone, where it says it is unavailable. The direct cause could honestly be anything. My recommendation would be since your pc/laptop can read your card properly, I would first backup your SD card's content in your pc's hard drive. Next, I would place the card back in your phone in order to erase the card. This can be performed by going to Settings>SD & Phone Storage>Erase SD Card (You may need to unmount the card if the SD card was instantly mounted, in order to erase its contents.)

From there, I would connect it back to your computer in order to copy your content back to your SD card. Once you complete the transfer, place it back in your phone, and see how it performs now.

You shouldn't have to, but if it does not mount automatically, simply go back to SD & Phone Storage to mount the card.

Please keep us posted with regards to this issue, and if this successfully resolved your issue. Thank you brett22, we look forward to working with you.


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