Getting Both Gmail and IMAP E-mail Notifications for my Gmail Account

I have a personal GMail account and a work account which we have hosted through Gmail apps.


I set up my Gmail personal account as the main one and click on the Gmail icon on my screen to access it. 


I then set up my work account through the POP/IMAP Mail application.


I only have my Personal Gmail account set up to send notifications. But whenever I get a new e-mail in my personal account I get first a grayed out POP/IMAP mail notification, then a couple seconds later, a colored Gmail Mail notification. 


Each of them only happens once, but the fact that I'm getting two isn't right.


Like I said, the notifications in the POP/IMAP are turned off, and the Personal are turned on.


How do I stop this annoying double notification?


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This is because the POP/IMAP account uses the default email settings, if you have other accounts set with a alert under the stock email app the notification will be for all accounts under stock email accounts..  Some roms have a option that list as Silent under the notification menu, look and see if you have this option and select it..