Global Mode Not Working

Recently I went to Canada, and was not able to use my phone. Whenever I travel, I usually keep the phone on Global so it will switch networks automatically. I know this is a battery drain, but it is easier than worrying about having to switch. The Global mode in Canada did not work. It seemed to hang on searching for GSM. I switched to CDMA, and then got a message regarding roaming charges. I switched back to Global to avoid the data charges, even though I believe that I have data roaming disabled thru the wireless and networks menu, I was unsure and did not want a large roaming data bill. Is this correct, that disabling the data in wireless and networks and turning off background data prevents data when roaming? Is the switch to CDMA and roaming message only related to phone and txt rates?

Either way, the global mode doesn't work on either my phone or my netbook with VZ Access when I am on a CDMA network.

Re: Global Mode Not Working
Verizon Employee

Hello chantalcookware,

I can imagine how frustrating it can be to travel internationally and be without wireless service.  I can confirm our devices are able to roam only on CDMA networks in Canada.  If data roaming is turned off you will not pick up the Canadian carriers data network and will not incur charges.  The message you received is a general alert that is sent when the device registers on an international network either through the voice or data network.  If you have internet access you can log into My Verizon online to review your current usage and determine if there have been any current data charges.  If you are unable to voice and text as well, I would be happy to troubleshoot further.  Please let me know if you have any other concerns.

Thank You,


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