Good Bye to my Bionic!!!!

I was an owner of a Droid Bionic for 5 months.  The Bionic was great for 1 month.  Then I had 4G connection errors, battery charging issues,and phone quality issues.  Many of my co-workers have verizon phones....and their phones (Droid, Droid X and a Bionic) were significantly faster connecting to the net, would get emails faster, etc.... My camera was terrible.  I had enough and went to my verizon store.  I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Holy new phone is unbelievable.  Super fast, I can get 4G everywhere now, phone quality is great, the camera is about 100X better than my bionic.  The Galaxy S3 was $199.99.  I got a upgrade discount of $50 and they gave me $52 for my POS Bionic.  The only negative....I had to give up my $30 unlimited data package.  I am not happy about that....oh, and I had to pay a $30 phone fee.   But......I love my new phone.....a highly recommend the Galaxy S3.  Good bye were the worst phone I ever had. You will not be missed.