HELP with bluetooth media controls on Incredible

Things have been working fine for a while until installed Spotify on my phone. I used to be able to play and pause the music using my bluetooth headset from either the music program or Pandora.

Then I installed spotify. Since then, the media bluetooth controls no longer work for the Music app or Pandora. The phone and volume still work fine though. I uninstalled Spotify and rebooted my phone, but it's still not working.

How do I get the bluetooth media controls back? I remember this happening before with another music program (winamp) and when I uninstalled and rebooted, that fixed it.

Anyone know how to help me?



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Customer Service Rep

Hey John!

Wow! Well we want you to be able to listen to music with your phone/bluetooth! That's no good that it doesn't work since you installed the application. The good news is that you know exactly what the problem is, we just need to fix it.

The first thing that I would recommend would be to reset the phone. I know this might be a bit drastic, but if you have uninstalled the application and it is still affecting your connections, there's something else that remains that causes problem. Here's the link for directions

I would also recommend unlinking Spotify with your Facebook account. I have seen that many people are still having issues when it is linked. Please try these steps and report back!


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