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HTC Incredible 2 malfunction after recent S/W update

So my phone started malfunctioning after a recent OTA update. The first thing that happened was the picture IDs for all my contacts would not display in messaging. Not a big problem but is something that I like. Shortly after that the internet would work but would also frequently disconnect from the mobile network. Then it got to the point to where I could not send messages unless I reset the phone over and over. That was the breaking point so I called and received a CLNR. This phone had no service at all and after a long call with tech support they decided to send me another one. Thankfully this one works fine except the picture IDs still do not show up in messaging although they do show up in my contact list. Like I said this is not a big deal and does not affect the functioning of the phone but it is a feature I would like to have working. I was curious if anyone else has had this problem after the update? According to Verizon they told me there were no known problems and they were unsure why that was happening. I know it wasn't just my device since I received another one that does the same thing(my current device also has the recent update and I was unable to reverse it even by doing a factory reset).

Re: HTC Incredible 2 malfunction after recent S/W update
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Hi spiderman1223!

Don't drive yourself crazy trying to find a fix for this one! You're completely right in your observations. This has been confirmed as an issue, and it will be fixed in a future software update. I don't have an ETA for the software to be available, but I did want you to know that we are aware of the issue an we're working on a fix. Something went wrong in the new software update that prevents the picture from syncing with the messaging app.

Please feel free to download a 3rd party messaging application that has this functionality while we incorporate the fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



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