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HTC Incredible 4G LTE will not Power Up!

     I have had this phone since July 2012.  Sometime around August 2013 I started having trouble with the phone turning off randomly.  This phone has NEVER been dropped or gotten wet.  In fact, I baby it since I dropped my old Blackberry and shattered the screen.  I bought a protective case and screen cover for the HTC.  Shortly after it began randomly turning off it would no longer charge using the Mini-USB Charge Port.  I bought two replacement batteries that came with an external charger.  Using the external charger, the phone worked for a short time.  After about two weeks I had the same Shut Off problem again until I rigged it by leaving off the battery cover and sticking a penny in there to make sure the battery was making good contact with the phone's points.  I figured maybe it had a bad/loose connection.  Although it was very inconvenient, it worked for about two months (if I laid it on the table) and allowed me to save my pictures at least.  Then one day it just would not turn on anymore, even using my penny "trick".  I am sure the two 3rd party batteries and HTC battery is good because when I put them on the charger for a few hours the light turns from red to blue, indicating a full charge.

     Since Verizon Customer Support could not help me other than suggesting I spend $400 on a replacement, I am about to replace the Mini-USB Charging Port to see if this works.  I am trying this because it doesn't register any power at all with the battery or the cord plugged in.  I would rather try a $2to $3 fix than a $400-$600 replacement.  Has anybody else tried this?  Are there any Repair Manuals available or Parts Lists?  I am about to remove and replace the Mini-USB Charging Port from the phone using a YouTube Video for guidance.  Although the video is for an Incredible 2 there are only minor differences.  I found a replacement Port that requires soldering on the internet for under $2.  The whole piece with ribbon and screw mount that doesn't involve soldering is available for under $3.  Before I open the phone, order the part, and get out the soldering iron I want to make sure there are no known issues or fixes.  At what point is HTC responsible for selling a faulty product?

     I notice there are multiple posts about the HTC Incredibles' power problem with no answers other than, "Try a Hard Reset" or "Delete the last app you installed" by VZW Staff.  Then the topic gets Locked for some reason!  One post had over 10,000 views!  As other people have replied, you can't reset or delete what you cant Power On. 

     Does anybody have any suggestions other than a Class Action Suit?  My "New Every Two" isn't up until July 2014, I've been using an old LG flipper for a few months and it is very annoying considering the amount of texts I send!  I've been with Verizon for over ten years now and I am unable to find ANY loyalty from Verizon!  I can get no love even though it's well over $10,000 I have spent with this company!  Makes me think a little harder on where MY loyalties lie.

Re: HTC Incredible 4G LTE will not Power Up!

Did you ever get your phone to power on? I've had this issue off and on for months. Of course Verizon cannot help. What is the trick to get the phone to charge and come back on? The battery is new and the phone was working fine as long as I did not allow it to die, but it died today before I could place it on the charger. And as always, it hasn't come back on.