HTC Incredible died very suddenly, can't be rebooted

I got my HTC Incredible about a year and a half ago.  Since January 2011, it's been more-or-less working well; nothing the occasional reboot couldn't solve.  Until tonight.

I was using an app that I often use and have had for months when it hard froze.  The home button was unresponsive, as well as the touch screen, so I rebooted the phone.  Only it won't reboot.

I get a white screen that says, in black, "htc incredible."  It doesn't look like the usual HTC logo screen I'm used to seeing on boot.  And that white screen is all there is.  If he phone is left powered on, it flashes the white screen and briefly vibrates (the same as when you have it set to vibrate and flick the screen on or off) roughly every 30-60 seconds.  (It's regular but I can't time it exactly. Because my timer, of course, is my phone...)

Basically my Incredible went from "great little phone" to "useless brick" in one very sudden, spontaneous, inexplicable moment.  I've tried pulling the battery and SD card and booting it from AC power; I've tried putting just the battery back in, I've tried putting them both back... no dice.  Basically I think I'm getting the phone equivalent of "the lights are on, but nobody's home."  It's registering when it's powered on, and then nothing else happens.  At all.

Is there any chance this is actually recoverable?  And is there a way to try to recover it at home, that I may not have already found?  And is there any chance for my data?  We just got back from a short vacation this afternoon and the trip photos are all on the phone.  I was going to download them to my laptop this week.

Any advice is welcomed.

Re: HTC Incredible died very suddenly, can't be rebooted
Customer Service Rep

Hi, kcoxdc-

I'm sorry to learn that the Incredible is not living up to its name. It appears like the device may be fixable, but any info not backed up, is likely not recoverable. Were those vacation pictures on the SD card? First, if you have not already pull the battery from the phone, while powered on, wait 20 seconds before reinserting and turning back on. If that fails to resolve the concern. I do recommend moving onto the alternative hard reset,, in order to get the phone back and working. Please keep me posted.

Thank you,
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