Hard Reset is not working.

My Droid X2 has been rebooting almost constantly since I took it off the charger this morning. I have attempted to perform a hard restart several times to get things back to square one, but each time I reboot the phone after performing the hard reset, the phone still has all of my apps, user settings, etc. It's as if nothing had happened.

I have attempted both the software and hardware hard restarts outlined here: http://www.technipages.com/factory-reset-motorola-droid-x2.html

I receive no error messages when I am attempting the restart in recovery mode. Everything seems to work fine until I reboot and discover that nothing has changed.

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Customer Service Rep

I bet that constant rebooting is making you dizzy! But don't worry rrmonroe because I'm here to help.

Let's try the hard reset one more time following these steps http://vz.to/ZA6mlO. This will reset your phone back to manufacturer settings and erase any 3rd party apps downloaded on the phone.

Please test your phone before setting up your Gmail account as this may re-download the 3rd party app to your phone. Once you have comfirmed that the phone is working properly you can set up your Gmail email account.

If you continue to have any issues please let me know and I'll be more then happy to further assist you.


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