Help! 3G Toggles On and Off - No Down Arrow - Droid 2 Global

I have encountered a problem on my Droid 2 Global.  The 3G symbol toggles on and off constantly.  Sometimes it appears with an up arrow but never with a down arrow.  I cannot access the Internet.

Things I know or have tried:

1. There aren't any new apps.  This happened out of the blue.

2. Data is enabled. 

3. I have booted into Safe Mode.  I still have the same problem.

4. I removed the battery.  I still have the same problem.

5. I did *228.  I still have the same problem.

I do not know if this is just a coincidence or another symptom of the problem but I am also having trouble making calls.  Recently when I try to make a call from the contact list and I press send, nothing happens.  I see the 3G toggling but the call isn't made.  It's only when I then press the back icon that the call is sent.


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