Help -- Email no longer appears in Gmail inbox

As of yesterday, messages no longer appear in my Gmail inbox on my HTC Incredible 2.  I can access new messages at and using outlook on my home PC.  When I send myself a message, the phone buzzes and says I have new mail, but nothing appears in the inbox.  I can see sent mail (including the messages I sent to myself that do not appear in the inbox).  It's a 2-week old phone and I use few apps, so I have definitely not reached memory capacity.  Any suggestions?

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Verizon Employee

Hello Hanaueri.

Oh No! You should be able to see incoming email in your Gmail application. Let's get this fixed right away.

How many Gmail accounts do you have set up on the device? Did this start after a particular application was downloaded? It may be a third party application causing the error. Please power on in safe mode and retest. Here's the link to power on in safe mode: mode incredible 2*

Are you able to receive the messages in safe mode?

It also could be an issue with Outlook on your PC taking the messages. Please ensure that a copy of the message is being left on the server. Here's a link that will help you:

The above link is if you have Outlook version 2010. If you have Outlook version 2007. Please use this link:

Let me know if this fixes the issue.

Thank you,


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