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Help! I'm running out of options

I was having a lot of problems with my phone last week so on Saturday I decided to Factory Reset it. It seemed to help with the battery dieing so quickly. However when I did go to charge the phone all 3 of the chargers i had for the phone did not work. If i shoved the charger in real hard and held it at a certain angle i could get it to charge long enough to turn on and then my fingers would start to hurt from holding it in so hard and at an awkward handle.After dealing with that for a few hours I decided to just call Verizon. What a wonderful experience. I have no complaints as to how that phone call went. They we going to send me a new phone over night and with Christmas being tuesday i figured i wouldn't recieve it until wednesday.

I finally recieved my new phone wednesday night. Upon recieveing the phone i took everything out of the old phone ( memory car, sim card, battery, back) and put in in the new phone. I plugged in the new phone and expected it to start charging!...

it didn't... well it did but for about 2 seconds until i slightly nudged the phone and it stopped charging. SO me thinking then I had broken the chargers jamming them into the other phone i went out to a verizon store and purchased a new charger. YAY!

I got home plugged in the charger and........ nothing.   if i plug it in and don't move it at all then i may get a tiny charge but then that error message of critically low battery will begin to flash on and off the screen because the battery decided it wasnt to charge and uncharge.

I'm unsure at this point as to what to do. I have a new phone and a new charger and it still will not charge?!?!??!

do i call then again? do i go to the store? help?!?! what do i do

Re: Help! I'm running out of options
Specialist - Level 1

First, buy a new battery.  To me it sounds like your battery has failed because it will not charge and it also sounds like if you can get it to charge a little bit it goes "dead" very quickly.

One way to test if it's the battery is to go to a Verizon store and ask if you can temporary move the battery from a test phone to yours just to see if that fixes your phone.

By the way, take your charger and USB cable to see if you can charge the test battery.


Re: Help! I'm running out of options
Contributor - Level 3

couple of notes:

1.) when the battery completely dies, you might not get the charging indicator for at least 30 minutes after plugging it back in - so I recommend to plug in your phone and let it sit for awhile.  eventually, you should see the green battery charging screen

2.) when charging the phone, are you plugging it into your computer or wall?  keep in mind that plugging it into a computer is not the optimal method for charging - so try try the wall outlet

hope this helps.