Help! Photos gone after "UIDs on the system are inconsistent..." and SD card wont mount

Hello. My Droid incredible has recently lost all of its photos and the SD card will not mount. The photos normally save to the SD card but nothing shows up in the droid gallery or when the SD card is opened on my desktop computer. 

The issue started after I received the error message "UIDs on the system are inconsistent, you need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable."  Button: "I'm Feeling Lucky."

After the error message appeared and the phone restarted all sorts of things went crazy. All of my aps appear but they don't link to anything. My email account has been wiped out and when I try to add a new account it says it can't connect to the server. I can't use the Internet browser or the gps navigation.

The only things that work are the phone, text messenger, and clock.

I've been told to do a factory reset but I'm still hoping there is a way to recover the photos. Has anyone seen this error message before or had success in recovering photos?

The images were pretty important so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help!

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When the card is in your desktop computer try THIS to see if you can retrieve any photos. It is free to see if you can retrieve anything. If you don't see anything to save, then no harm done. If you DO see any photos which are retrievable, you can pay the charge to get the full version and save the photos from the card.

I have used it in the past and it works quite well.