Help with phone not booting

I can get my incredible to load into hboot but if i click an option or try to boot normal then the screen goes all black except for a thin white line on each side of the screen. Some one please help me?

Re: Help with phone not booting
Verizon Employee

Hello antitheus

Oh No! When did this problem with your Incredible start? Let's look into this immediately.

Please remove the battery for 15 seconds then reinsert it and power on the device. Does it boot up to the home screen? Did this problem start after a particular application was downloaded? Was the phone exposed to liquid or physical damage?

Please back up the device prior to resetting. Here's a link to the hard reset:

If the alternate hard reset isn't working, we will need to further troubleshoot with you. Please send me a DM, so I can work on this issue with you.

Thank you


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