How can Verizon keep selling this phone????

I am now waiting for my third Droid Charge replacement phone.

Last Verizon rep actually insulted me by offering a refurbished HTC Thurnderbolt or LG Revolution as a replacement.

I heard that some people have received Droid Razr and Razr Maxx after two bad Droid Charges.

I would not settle for anything less than Galaxy Nexus if this third replacement phone has the same problems.

I have to do a soft reset at least once a day for the essential functions such as Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS to work again.

Every time, I remove the battery, SIM card, and microSD card to do a soft reset, it takes 4 to 7 minutes to re-boot.

I have tried hard reset a couple of times which did not fix the freezing, intermittent BT, and GPS taking over 10 minutes to find the signal, etc.

After hard reset, you have to download all the apps again and customize your desktops again.

Based on user comments that I read on this forum and other sites, this phone has many design flaws that causes unusually high number of catastrophic failures.

It seems that this phone has three to four times higher number of complaints compared to other phones and they did not even sell that many.

This is absolutely the worst experience I had with a phone.

Shame on Verizon!!!!

While Verizon did not make the phone, I believe they have to take responsibility for not doing all the necessary validation before launching a phone with so many problems.

Re: How can Verizon keep selling this phone????

Have you tried the device in safe mode for a day or so to see if the issues disappear?

Re: How can Verizon keep selling this phone????

I agree. I am on my 2nd Charge. I hate it but am locked into the contract. The refurbished unit I got will not hold a charge for more than half a day. ;-(. I had a horabble experience with the return of my other unit/