How do I access a new ringtone?

I just purchased a new ringtone & I can't find do I access/turn it on?

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JulesF, never fear help is here! I know how important it is to personalize your phone and ring tones is my favorite way of doing that.

Did you purchase the ring tone on the phone or online? Was it purchase from Verizon Wireless?

If purchased on the phone:
From the home screen, select Applications
Select Settings.
Select Sound settings.
From the Incoming calls section, select Phone ringtone. If unavailable, ensure Silent mode is unchecked (located at the top).
Select a ringtone then select OK.

If purchased on online you will receive a text message with the ring tone. You will need to save it:

From the home screen, select Messaging.
Select a message.
Select and hold the audio attachment.
Select Attached items.
Select the audio file. Selected when a orange check mark is present.
Select Save.
Press the Home key.
Select Applications.
Select Music Player.
From the All tab, select and hold the audio file.
Select Set as.
Select one of the following:
o Phone ringtone
o Caller ringtone
o Alarm tone
If applicable, select the appropriate contact / alarm.

Keep me posted if you need further assistance after following the steps above.

John B

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