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How do I get rid of all GOOGLE related software on a DROID X?

The background is that I have recently become aware of the extent to which google censors lawful US speech, products and commerce, as well as the extent to which they have databased information about me such as voice recordings, known associates, phone contact lists, etc.  I have never used google contacts for my phone book backup, and yet they have indices of who I talk to and how often.

In the past I was leery of their databasing of information on private citizens, but was willing to give them a pass because I did not believe they were making use of it.  With GOOGLE's foray into censorship in the US, I no longer trust GOOGLE with my information nor do I wish to support them in any way with my business.

How do I purge GOOGLE from my DROID X phone, or do I need to jailbreak my phone or find an alternative vendor to verizon?

Best regards.

Re: How do I get rid of all GOOGLE related software on a DROID X?

Seeing as this is a Google phone the ability to remove all Google software is almost impossible. The really only thing that you can do is factory reset the device and do not add a Google account to it. The only major downside to this is that you can not use the play store to get apps.

Re: How do I get rid of all GOOGLE related software on a DROID X?

Well seeing as the underlying operating system is owned, operated and maintained by Google, getting rid of the tertiary apps on it should be of little concern.  They can do all you talk about without any extra apps.  Respecting your personal opinion, i would suggest a blackberry or iphone, although I don't think that's any better.  Google is the most open about such issues.  If you really want to look at should not be on the grid at all if you are worried about your contacts and phone conversations being listened in to........because your government is capable of far far more than google or my suggestion is to get rid of everything that communicates, phones of all types for sure.  Build a good bug out bag, and begin researching how to prepare for what happens later.