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How to convert a voice recording so it will play on your laptop
Sr. Member

In the past there have been some posts asking how to copy a voice recording, made with your Charge phone, to your Laptop and then convert the voice recording to a format that your laptop can play and you can save.  Here's how.  BTW, This should work on any Android phone.

On the Charge phone go to the Verizon pre-installed APP "Voice Recorder" and record 30 seconds of your voice.

Then choose "Share" and email the recording to your laptop.  At this point the file name will probably be VOICE001.AMR and your laptop CANNOT play it.  Recordings on the Charge phone are saved on the SD Card at /mnt/sdcard in the folder called SOUNDS.  To get there from the home page touch "My Files" and go down the list of folders to SOUNDS.

Next, open the email and save the recording (VOICE001.AMR) to a folder on your laptop.

Now you must convert the .AMR extent (format) to a .MP3, a .WAVE, or any other format that your PC can play.  To do this go to the following "on-line" audio converter.

This "on-line" converter will convert the .AMR to a .MP3 or a .WAVE format.  I suggest the .MP3 format.

After it is converted do a "save as" to save the newly converted file into a folder on your laptop.  As you will see the new name for the file will probably be VOICE001.MP3 but in any case it will have a .MP3 extent.  Click on it to play it.

So as if by magic your laptop can now play the voice recording you made on your Charge phone and you can save it.

This worked great for me so please let me know how this works for you...okay?