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I HATE the new updates.

I guess I'm just an <Deleted inappropriate content> stuck in my ways.  I don't like change.  I bought the phone knowing already how to use it and now I have to start over.  I mean, I could run this thing, at night, in the dark, without my glassees on.  Now I'm lost.  I hate the new way you have to unlock the phone.  I hate how you have to hit two buttons to answer a call.  I hate that when I use my "quick dial" buttons on the front screen I now have to choose what action I want and it won't let me choose a preference to remember.  I hate all of the "shortcuts" at the bottom of the screen.  I hate the new format for the alarm clock.  I hate the new format for the docking station.  I hate the new font for the clock when it's in the docking station.  But most of all I hate having something forced on me that I don't want and then being told that I should LOVE it.  Give me a choice.  That's all I'm asking.  And if I can't have the choice of not getting the update, then I should have the choice to go to another carrier or another phone without incurring a penalty.  But I guess that won't happen.  So I guess I'll just be a lemming and go along.  Not make waves.  Post my frustrations on this board, turn my computer off, and never look at this board again.  I'll just use my "better" phone until the next time my contract comes due then change.  All the while silently hating my DROID BIONIC "wanna-be-i-phone" knock-off. 

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Re: I HATE the new updates.
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I don't recall anyone being FORCED to go to ICS if they didn't want to.