I can't turn on my phone.

My phone has been acting up.  The screen would fade out but it wouldn't go completely black.  I took the battery out and now it won't even turn on.  I even tried charging it to turn it on (it was fully charged this morning) and it wouldn't even charge.  I would try to call verizon but I don't have a home phone and no way to get in contact with any one.  Help!

Re: I can't turn on my phone.
Customer Service Rep

Hello hcruce! I'm really sorry to hear about your phone. It's quite challenging to provide assistance without being able speak with you. Especially when the device will not power on. If you are still having problems with your phone. Customer Service can be contacted at 800-922-0204 or you could also visit our twitter handle @VZWSupport. We are able to use DM's to give a more interactive chat experience.Have a great day!


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