I have NEVER.....

...had an experience like this with a phone!!  I ordered a Droid Charge in March and am on my THIRD replacement phone, and third SIM card.  My calls drop, mid-conversation I can hear the person I'm talking to and they can't hear me, I get a loud scratchy - walky talky sound in my ear, and the screen goes blank. 

I have asked to get another type phone.  I don't care if its an old flip phone at this point because it is getting ridiculous!!  I am very disappointed that Verizon is telling me that there have been no other reports of anything being wrong with this type phone, when I see all of these comments.  I also just learned that my father in law has the same phone and is having THE SAME PROBLEMS.  I am seriously considering switching as well, even if it means a termination fee.  At least I will be able to hold a conversation on the phone if I get rid of this one!!


L Scott

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Have had dropped calls and at my house was never an issue till getting this new phone..JUST have not come to this area to see comments till now. My phone bought in Dec last year!