I have a Droid Mini and it was working fine but now won't connect to Wi-Fi

I upgraded to a Droid Mini last year in February. I had no problems with it until last month when it suddenly stopped connecting to Wi-Fi. I read online that others were having the same issue and that turning off Bluetooth retailers it so I have that a try. That did work for a few weeks but now, even with Bluetooth turned off, my phone does not connect to Wi-Fi. I get an alert that a Wi-Fi connection is available but there are no networks in the list. I am attempting to connect at home and at church. Both networks are password protected and I have connected to both before. I have tried turning off GPS and that had no effect. I also tried turning off mobile data but then the phone would not connect to anything. My other services on my home network remain connected with no issues.

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Let's get to the bottom of your equipment concerns bbaz. Did you recently make any changes to your phone when it stopped connecting to WiFi? Did you install any new third party apps or software update to your phone? What software version do you have running on your phone? For directions on how to check the software verison on your phone click, http://vz.to/1JKTcKf

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