Impervious to Factory Reset?

Nearly a week back, my phone spontaneously refused to charge and had a white light at the top.  After toying around with the phone, I somehow managed to convince my bionic to turn on and seemingly work properly again but to my dismay I found that the phone was now filled with glitches. For each glitch (ex: if I tap the camera icon the phone restarts) the phone goes back to the last time it worked properly including reloading text, email, and applications that I had since uninstalled. Although I find this equally as annoying as I find it impressive, to my shock the in store staff could not help with my problem and said they knew nothing more than how to attempt the same factory reset that I had done approx. 7 times prior to ultimately giving up and going into the store. Does anyone have any vague idea as to how to actually reset my phone or get it to work relatively normal?

(I have insurance on my phone, but due to a minutely cracked screen I was told that I would need to pay $95 to fix the bug problem even though that crack had been there for months and I am way to stubborn to just roll over on this one.)

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