Implications of hard reset? Do apps survive?

My 1 y/o Droid 2 has become quite unresponsive to the extend that it is now hard to use. Reboots do not help, so I am considering a hard reset. What are the implications besides all the data on the phone getting deleted?

For example, once I log in again and provide my Google Account, all the apps that I purchased will get back for free, right?

Anything else I should be worried about?



Re: Implications of hard reset? Do apps survive?

All paid for apps will show under your Google Market app after you hard reset the device and all you have to do is log into the Gmail and the contacts will sync and then open the market and then select the programs you want to reinstall...  If you want to backup the apps to your sd car you can download ES File Explore and back the files up with it for free..

Re: Implications of hard reset? Do apps survive?
Verizon Employee

Thanks for the helpful information (again) Wildman!

I also wanted to point out that you can also go to

Once you go there, please sign in using the GMAIL information you used to set your Droid up.

From there, go to library and you will see all of your downloaded app history. You can even see apps that were previously deleted and add them back to the phone if you wanted to.

I know many people are hesitant to perform a factory/hard reset but many times it does work and as long as you can get contacts and/or apps back, you really have nothing to lose, dsotnikov!

I hope the information that we have provided is able to help you out.

Tamara H.

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