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Incoming text disrupts voice calls

When I get a text while I am talking on the phone, the person i'm talking to always says that it disrupts the call, actually sounds like a duck "quack quack". I hear it too, so it's disruptive. Is there a way to turn that off? I didn't see anything in the settings.

Re: Incoming text disrupts voice calls
Customer Support

Hello Diver4243,

Wow! I'm extremely sorry to hear that there may be a duck in your phone. I understand how annoying it may be to hear such a noise while on a voice call. I have great news! I know exactly how to fix this. In order to correct this issue, we will need to adjust your notification profile. Have you attempted to lower notification sound on device? Once notification sound is lowered, you will no longer here this notification. This is a feature that is enabled on device that can only be removed upon lowering of the notification volume.

My apologies for any aggravation this feature may cause. Please keep us posted if you have any additional questions, thanks!

VZW Support
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Re: Incoming text disrupts voice calls

I have the exact same issue  - I hate it!  If the notification volume is lowered does that only affect the volume of the notification while I'm using the phone, or on all notification volumes? I still want the audible alert to be loud when the phone is sitting on the table, just not when I'm speaking on the phone.