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Incredible 2 duplicate pictures and jpgs happen automatically...
First, I previously had an HTC Droid Eris and when I'd hook it to my laptop to download pics, it'd recognize which pics were already downloaded to my lptop, even if the new download was going to a different folder. I never had any issues with duplicate pics in the phone.

Since day 1 with the Incredible 2, I've had a few issues that I can't figure out how to solve.

1) When I hook the phone to the laptop to download pics, every time I do so, it downloads EVERY pic on my phone, even if that pic has been downloaded previously.

2) The phone makes multiple copies of any pic I take then view on my phone. It has a copy of the actual pic taken AND a smaller sized file of the identical pic if I've used my phone to view it after taking it. If it is a pic that my kids or I view more than once, I could have 10 copies of the same pic, but only one is a usable file. The rest are all tiny copies. This means I have to, after downloading, go through all the files in a folder and waste time deleting all of the duplicates. Sometimes, this can be 1000 extraneous files!

3) When I download the files, I also end up downloading all of the jpg & gif files that my phone, for some reason, automatically saves from people's Facebook profile pics or any Foursquare profile pics and location icons.

I have tried so many times to figure out what settings to change to fix these issues.
At least once a week, I search online to see if there is a solution, but haven't been able to locate the solution.
Anyone out there have any suggestions?
Thanks so much!