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Incredible 2 issues!! Please help!!

I am on my second incredible 2 phone. I am having the same problems with my second incredible 2 as i was with the first.. It freezes and i have to take out the battery but then it will not power back up and when it does, it just stays on the black screen with the red circle in the middle with two red dots next to it. I will have to repeatedly take out the battery and keep trying. With this one i have now it will turn back on eventually, as where my last one would be off for days at  a time. I am having a problem with this one though that i did not have with the last, most the times when i try to take a picture it tells me to insert a sd card, WHICH I ALREADY HAVE!!!  Sometimes i am able to take pictures but only maybe 3 and then a warning sign pops up at the top bar of my screen saying that my sd card was expectantly removed or something like that and to reinsert to avoid loosing data (something to those lines). When i go to my gallery it will tell me that no videos or photos are found, same with if i try to insert a different memory card (i wanted to be sure mine hadn't gone bad)... I have been to the verizon store near me, and have talked to customer service and all anyone will do is send me another of the same phone or say i have to pay $350 to cancel my contract. I style have until July 2013 until mine is up but feel as if i should be allowed to purchase a different phone at upgrade or my insurance rate instead of paying the full amount, or should be allowed off my contract without penalty. This is the second of the same phone that i have had this problem with, and a friend of mine has the phone and is just now starting to experience the same thing with it turning off and only the red circle screen coming up.. There is obviously a manufacturer issue with this phone so i feel as if i should not be penalized.  Please help me. I do not know what else to do about this and nobody is really trying to help me or understand my frustrations.

Re: Incredible 2 issues!! Please help!!
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

Usually if someone is having the same problems with two phones, I ask if you're installing a lot of the same apps, which may not be playing nice together. I've had two of these phones for 18 months and haven't had any problems. Unfortunately, you won't able to get discounted pricing on another phone. Your choices are to get another replacement, buy a phone off contract elsewhere, or do some troubleshooting on this phone. I would start by saving photos and other important files to your computer, trying a different SD card, and maybe starting fresh with a factory reset. Good luck!

Re: Incredible 2 issues!! Please help!!
Customer Support

skatelyne, having the same issues with the same phone is very frustrating. I understand your concern and certainly do not want to loose you as a customer, so lets dig deeper into this issue! SyndneyK is correct, sometime certain apps can cause a phone to not function properly. I recommend enabling/disabling safe mode. This will tell you if an app is causing any functionality issues. Here are the steps Have you performed a factory reset? Here are the steps If your phone is having issues and is still under the one-year manufactures warranty, we can replace it with the same model if your phone has no damage. Please keep us posted.^KH