Incredible not receiving text messages

Ive had this phone for about a year and a half and to be honest i love... no major issues... only complaint would be it constantly tells me to free up space even tough it says over half my storage space available... weird

The problem i have now is I can't received text messages at all on my phone, sending texts and receiving/making phone calls/emails all work fine

I googled the problem and found a discussion where someone apparently said i can take in my phone and a get a refurbished incredible 2 for free.... ima go after i get off work and see if there's any truth in this

My wife has the droid 2 and HATES IT! and cant say i blame her - i tried to talk her out of it  when we went to get new phones but no wife will ever listen to her husband (that advice is free) ... the keyboard doesnt work and now when she texts after every word the digital keyboard goes away so he she has to bring it up to text every word.... verizion stores just keep resetting the phone and the problem comes back within 12 hours... they refuse to replace the phone even though its still under warranty... wife wants an iphone now because apple customer service is the heat apparently... i told her just dont get a phone with a slide out keyboard because they notoriously suck...

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brinface, I'm sorry you and your wife are experiencing issues with your Incredible. Messaging issues and keyboard problems can definitely be hard to deal with and cause frustration when using your device. In regards to messaging issues, you can check the messaging settings on your phone to ensure you enable the appropriate features. I will list the steps below to check all your messaging settings. I also recommend clearing the cache, browser history, and long message thread. I will list a link below with steps.

If your wife's phone continue to have issues, we can replace the phone if its under the manufactures warranty and doesn't have any physical or water damage. The replacement will be with the same device. To help with the keyboard issue, clearing the cache and data for her message application on her phone can help resolve this issue. Here are the steps: Settings > Application > Manage applications > All.

Steps to check message settings:

  •   From the home screen, select Applications.
  • Select Verizon Messages.

  • Select the Menu button.

  • Select More.

  • Select Settings.

  • Adjust as needed.
    Note A check mark present means the setting has been selected. 

    • Conversation Views

    • Language

    • Auto Signature

    • Enable signature

    • Quick Text

    • Delete old messages

    • Text message limit

    • Multimedia message limit

    • Save Messages

    • Restore Messages

    • Delivery reports

    • Auto-retrieve

    • Roaming auto-retrieve

    • Group Conversations

    • Auto Wi-Fi Enable

    • Enable Popup

    • Mark as read on close

    • Notifications

    • Audible Notifications

    • Select ringtone

    • Vibrate

    • Disable during call

    • Terms of Service

    • Syncing Messages Enabled

    • Pair Devices

Link below to clear memory on phone:

I hope the information above is helpful with resolving your issue.


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