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I downloaded AIM onto my PC. I did not put in my phone number, nor did I select the option to add a phone. (There was that option, however there were no boxes to check or uncheck, you could either enter it, or skip to the next feature. I skipped.) Suddenly I started getting all these messages from users I do not know...(is didn't say it was from AIM, or give the source of the message)...."soandso would like to chat with you" and you can decline or accept. I always declined, since I did not recognize the user. Those were the only messages I got! They did not go to my text message area, and I could not find them anywhere on my phone. Well, about 5 days after I was using AIM on my computer, I received an email from Verizon that I had exceeded my 1000 message limit for the month. So I searched everywhere in my phohe, for the app, and it is not on there anywhere! So I uninstalled it from my PC, figuring I would be able to go into the preferences and deselect an option that was allowing it to be sent to my phone. There was no such option. I'm stumped! Does ANYONE know how to keep AIM from accessing my phone?! I don't need to have it on there, I'm home most of the time, so I can access the messages from the PC, and it isn't like I need to stay in that close of contact with my AIM friends!


Re: Instant Messaging
Customer Service Rep

Hi there Pjbjdr!

I want your instant messaging issue to instantly be fixed! Let's figure this out together.

We used to provide a service called Mobile IM and I would recommend looking for that application on your device and ensuring nothing is setup there. We actually decommissioned this service back in June, so it would surprise me if it were still on your device.

I would also look for anything AIM/AOL related on your device including the email. Do you have your AOL email on your phone?

Keep me posted!


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