Intermittent Power Issue

My droid X2 has recently started acting funny, what happens is as long as the phone is on it works fine but as soon as it powers down or the battery goes dead when i try to turn it on or connect a charger to it nothing happens.  I have to take the battery out and put it back in and try to plug the charger in again to see if it will power on.  Usually it takes me about 5 or 6 times reseating the battery and it will work but as of two days ago the phone is not working at all no matter how many times i reseat the battery.  If i reseat the battery and put the charger in partways the green light will come on but it wont power on, but if i stick the charger in all the way then nothing.  I have been thinking maybe i need a new battery but i didnt want to buy one and thats not the problem has anyone run into this problem before if so in your experience what was the problem?

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Customer Service Rep

Hi hardheaded409!

I am sorry to learn that you are experiencing powering issues with your phone. The issues outlined in your post suggest that your phone's charge port maybe damaged as the green light comes on only when you insert the charger cable in a specific way. It can also be a bad charger cable and replacing the charger may resolve the problem. In the event that your phone's charge port is damaged, I recommend replacing the phone. If your phone is within the 12 month manufacturers' warranty I suggest visiting a store to determine the type of damage sustained by your phone as physical or water damage (corrosion at charge port) voids manufacturer warranty. If you have insurance on your line I recommend submitting an insurance claim online at and a replacement pronto!

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