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I am going overseas and purchased the International Plan for $4.99 (to get calls for .99/min) and the $25 data plan.  As explained to me by the rep, my Droid2 is always collecting data -- and although the 100mb 'might' make it the week, there was no guarantee - and that once it went over the limit, I would incur another $25 bill.  I went into the "Running" app management area and there is a thing at the bottom of the screen that says something about 280mb used.  Counting all of them 'currently in use', there was 137mb.  To be honest, I have no idea what either of these mean, but it sure appears that I had better figure out how to shut some of these down before I leave.  I tried just force closing many of them but a lot of them popped back up -- and I can not understand why I have 2 Yahoo Mail apps running, as well as 2 Google Play services.  So can someone explain an easy way to limit data usage while still being able to send and receive calls.  I am going on business so I will need phone service -- but will not need maps and most likely not a browser either. I would be fine with only checking my email a few times a day -- but is that even too much to keep within the 100g limit?.  Thanks very much!

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Hi DVD2,

Congrats on your trip! I am sure you will enjoy it! You are using one of my favorite phones! Managing data on your phone is quite easy. Many apps on your phone constantly are running.  The MB usage that you are seeing is referring to the memory size that the app is taking up. You can limit your data by going to settings, then data manager. From here turn off all data options. When you are ready to use it you can turn it on or if you are going to a place with wifi; you can connect with wifi. Keep us posted if you need anything else.

Thanks, BobbyS_VZW
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