Internet Explorer not connecting off mobile hotspot

I have had my phone for a year.  I have not had any problems with my hotspot until recently.  Internet Explorer gives an error message that website can not be displayed.  I have tried to go to different websites and get the same error.  At first I thought it was my desktop computer.  However, when I attempt to connect on my netbook I get the same error, along with my Nook.  The issue appears to be coming from the droid device.  I have checked my connection and the test comes back connected and I have full bars.  Any suggestions on how to fix would be great.  Otherwise I am paying for service I can't use.  The only recent change that has occurred is my area finally got 4G.

Re: Internet Explorer not connecting off mobile hotspot
Customer Service Rep

Hi Tbuice!

That's not good! I know how important it is to have a properly working device at tall times. Let's get this fixed. Have you made an recent changes to the device like new applications, or a software update? Any recent monthly voice or data plan changes? Does the web browser on the device work? Keep me posted.

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