Internet Explorer not working with Mobile Hotspot

I have a samsung droid charge that I have used for about a year now.  I have the hotspot on my phone and use it often for my Computer, netbook and nook.  Recently I attempt to get on my home computer and the IE gives me an error message that the website can not be located or the internet is not connected.  So I tried going to a different website to attempt connection with the IE with no success.  I initially thought I had an issue with my computer, so I tried to do the same on the netbook and I get the same error along with my Nook.  All this was being done on the 3G network, recently we got 4G.  I have tried reloading my wifi on my computer, along with resetting the IE to original settings.  I have restored my computer as well.  None of this has helped.  PLEASE HELP!!! I am paying for a service I can not use.  If I can not get my Hotspot to work again, then I am going to have to go to another company.  Any suggestions on how to get IE working again. 

Re: Internet Explorer not working with Mobile Hotspot
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Since you recently got 4G it is possible there is a glitch in the Hotspot provisioning. Call verizon and have them re-provision the service. Basically turn it off and turn it back on again so it can re-initialize on your account and authentication can proceed.