Is delayed voicemail only a problem with Verizon?

My voicemail indicator does show any messages for several hours (or days) after the call came in. I've seen many people asking about this, and I've yet to see an answer from Verizon or anyone else. So, here's my question: Has anyone found a provider that does not have this problem? I'm ready to switch. Thanks.

Re: Is delayed voicemail only a problem with Verizon?
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Hi bernard01,

We don't want to lose you over voicemails reporting late. I want to ensure that this trouble is looked into and corrected for you. I want to begin by asking if you use the standard voicemail system or the visual voicemail system. The visual voicemail is the application that allows voicemails to be heard through the application instead of calling into voicemail. Has any troubleshooting been done to determine why voicemails appear late? If so, please advise what steps were already taken. Do the missed calls appear on the phone for the callers who left messages? I look forward to hearing back from you so we can get this addressed and have you happily stay with Verizon.

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Re: Is delayed voicemail only a problem with Verizon?


Before posting my question, I Googled "Verizon voicemail delayed" and found

quite a few discussions from several years ago by people asking about this

problem and saying that they had reported it to Verizon but the problem

remains, so I believe that Verizon does know about the problem. So, it's

not something unique to my phone (Droid X2).

I'm using basic voicemail. The problem is simply that the voicemail

indicator shows 0 messages long after the messages were left. For example,

I was supposed to meet someone at 10:30am and they weren't there so I

checked my voicemail. No messages. I checked again at 11:00. No messages.

11:30; no messages. Several hours later the voicemail showed up and the

time on the message indicated that the person had left a message at 10:15

telling me that she was going to be about an hour late. But, during the

hour I was waiting, I didn't know that, and had no idea what was going on.

Note: I have texting turned off on my account because I don't want to be

charged for spam texts! For texts, only the sender should be charged, IMO.

Thanks for taking the initiative to contact me about this.


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