Is there a reason that Motorola Bionic is not listed in handsets in this forum
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Less than one year ago it was the flagship android phone, top of the line, high price, first 4g.  Now Verizon doesn't list it in the devices area or even allow sharing help and ideas on the device.  The devices have severe and near constant data connection issues which is reported in ALL the tech press.  When speaking with Verizon tech service they say,  no we haven't heard of this problem. 

Do a hard reset, well send new a new sim card, ugh, we'll send you a refurbished phone.  Not one of these responses do anything to resolve the problem, but this is the response Tech service reps are told to use.  Almost every Verizon Tech I've spoken with is polite, and anxious to provide service but their tool kit does not allow for resolution of the problem.  And as far as "We haven't heard of this issue", it is either untrue or none of their techs read any tech blogs online,  (I mean any).  One might think that one or two actually read tech sites relating to their employment.

We have two top of the line android phones less than one year old and $140 plus monthly bill.  I can get a refurbished phone with the same exact problems.   No solution.

I can only advise, if you buy that new grand phone and keep it for more than 15 days you should be prepared to keep it for the next two years, defective or not.

Verizon policy is admit no permanent and device wide failure, but they have polite Tech reps to waste your time if you need to talk about it.  BUT no resolution.

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