I was having many issues with my Droid x2 and needed to reset. I had already backed up my contacts with backup assistant. 2 days before resetting I logged into my Verizon and they were all there in black and white. I was transferring some of my apps I wanted to keep to my itouch. When I had all the things I wanted I reset it. . .and my contacts were gone. Not in trash and not any of the other places I attempted to access that said folder/file was blank. I almost had a melt down. I lost over 75/100 contacts, some of which I have no other way of contacting since all info was lost. Family contact info, doctors contact info (quite a few there), and all my friends(locally, out of state, and overseas) and work related contact info. Unfortunately I did not have the info backed up on my Mac since I am still learning to use it.

Does ANYONE know a way they could possibly be retrieved?

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