Lapdock 100 customer failure--is Bionic next?
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Question:  What can I do with my disabled Lapdock 100?  Is it cybertrash?  I thought the power converter or the Lapdock hardware had failed.  Was the introduction of jelly bean software update the death knell for Webdock and thus, the perceived failure of the device itself?    How much life is left for my Bionic?  Will software support/update suddenly cease on that device, too?  I'm expecting at least one more year from it.

Vent:  Neither Motorola nor Verizon helped.  No one in our major Verizon store had a clue ... or was willing to inform me ... when I went in to the store and waited  an hour and left with only a sadly laughable experience and a Motorola customer service phone number.  The manager of that store sold me my Lapdock 100. (We had to convince him that Motorola online customer service reluctantly admitted that the Bionic was compatible with Lapdock 100 in addition to the Razor.)  Verizon's web site was a hopeless resource.  It was as if Lapdock devices never existed.  Motorola Customer Service made no mention of Webdock discontinuation...I was told to send the device in to Motorola for cost of shipping plus $149.  Really?  Must we feel demeaned and out of pocket because we carefully chose the alternative to the more popular iPad?  The Lapdock/Webdock combo provided features not found with iPad -- still. 

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