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Laundry list of problems...

I've had my Droid X for a while now, and it's a great phone, but the problems have been piling up over time.

The latest problem is that my Hotmail account suddenly started getting "Invalid Server Certificate" errors, and after deleting the account from my phone entirely and re-adding it, the problem persists.  In addition, now the account cannot be removed from my phone at all.  My Gmail account works without any issues, but I use both Hotmail and Gmail fairly often.

Facebook's app has a nasty habit of finding the network unavailable or otherwise unusable, while any other app that utilizes internet access has no issues.  Mostly I find this problem pops up when I get home, and the phone switches from 3G mode to Wi-Fi mode.  Switching back to 3G doesn't fix the problem at home either.  Also, there are times when the app works on Wi-Fi, but I have no idea how that happens.  Sometimes clearing the cache or logging out and back in will fix it, other times it seems like uninstalling the app and reinstalling it is the only fix; but reinstalling just delays the issue from happening again, and a more permanent solution would be nice.

When using Spotify in my car I get an odd issue.  I drive a Ford Focus with Microsoft Sync installed, and use the Bluetooth connection between my car and my phone.  When streaming Spotify, my phone will randomly stop in the middle of playing a song, shut down, then restart in landscape mode (the unlock screen and menus normally are shown in portrait mode, but upon restarting it'll all switch to landscape mode).

And finally, I can't update the phone's core software.  I'm still running Android ver. 2.2.1.  My current system version is Version.2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US.

Hopefully just getting the core software updated will work out the rest of the issues.

Re: Laundry list of problems...

To be clear: When I go into the menu to update the phone's software, it simply says "Check for update was not available at this time.  Try again later."  I've gotten this at home on Wi-Fi, and out on 3G.

Re: Laundry list of problems...
Customer Support

Rossaroni, that certainly is a laundry list of problems and I want to help! You are several software updates behind and I agree that updating the software should resolve the majority of the issues you're having. Are you receiving an error when checking for updates or is the phone saying it is up to date. Try both over 3G and connected to wifi. Since at least 3 updates have not come thru, I suggest completing a factory reset

Let me know if you still need assistance. Also, for issues with third party applications, I suggest contacting the developer. You can find developer info by opening the Market/Play Store, and selecting the application.

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