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Location & Security Settings-Set Up restriction lock-HELP?!?!

Somehow, someway my mother (who's account I am using right now to help her) has managed to Enable restriction lock (which is under Settings-Location & Security Settings-Set Up restriction lock).  I have not even the slightest idea what this does, nor do I really care.  I do know that it is blocking her from adding new contacts to her phone book, amongst "other things".  She claims to have not set a password, which I tend to believe, as she only uses a few different variations, all of which I have tried several times over.

I cannot find anywhere on the help section as to how to reset this password or just simply turn this setting off completely.  Can someone please help my poor old mom out?  I've tried as much as my ADD has allowed me today, my next step is flushing it down the toilet to send it back where it came from.

Thank you in advance to anyone smarter than myself who can help rectify this evil little phone's refusal to do as I say.  I've tried explaining that I purchased him, therefore I own him and he must do as I say.  But he refuses to listen.  He's soon to be traded in for a younger, sexier model if he keeps this up.


Re: Location & Security Settings-Set Up restriction lock-HELP?!?!

Im having the same problem!!