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Can someone please assist with an ongoing problem I am having with updates on Google Play.  I can't even access Google Play because I am not logged in.  Where do you log in at???  Or I get an error message that authentication is required.  This has been an ongoing problem for about a month.  I sent a message to google support and I was able to log in with their instruction, but then on certain manual updates I keep getting the error meesage "Authentication Required"

Would really like some help with this or this phone is going out the window very soon....  Thanks much

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Customer Service Rep

Yvonne62, I'm sad to hear that you've been dealing with this ongoing issue, but I'll be happy to help! The login for your Google PlayStore is the same as your Gmail account. Verify you are logged in by going to Settings, Accounts & Sync. Do you show your Gmail account there? If not, you'll need to add a new account and select Gmail.

If your Gmail account is already setup and still receiving errors with the PlayStore, try clearing cache from the PlayStore by going to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, All, Google PlayStore, Clear data/cache.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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