Lost Social Intregration
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Okay, so recently I did a factory reset on my X, I also reformatted the SD card.  I just noticed last night, about 4 days after the reset, that my social accounts are no longer connected to my gallery.  So what I mean is I went into my gallery to set a pic as my Facebook profile and I got a message that I needed to link an account.  I thought this was strange because I had already gone into the accounts option and added all my social media accounts, fb, twitter, linkedin among a few.  So I go ahead and select the option presented and I am only offered to social media options, twitter & linkedin, as I stated I had already added them.  So I selected Twitter to see what happened and once I did I was not even given the option to do Linkedin next   I'm so over the issues with my X all of which started in the last week!  Does anyone have any ideas?  I mean I am contemplating another factory reset to see if this resolves this issue.

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