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Major phone issues since last update

My Droid Charge downloaded the last software update and ever since it started bugging out. I called Verizon and they sent me a replacement, which bugged out worse than the first one. I went to call Verizon but the phone was acting up so bad that it froze to the point where I would do a battery pull and it still didn't work. I had to walk to the Verizon store because my phone wouldn't make calls or text for over 7 hours. They ordered me a third phone which has the same problems. All new SIM cards every time and everything. These are just some of the issues I've been having across all three phones. PLEASE HELP!

1) When entering text (text message, email, etc.), the T9 will give me suggestions, but there is no text being entered into the text box and I have to restart the phone for it to work again.

2) The phone force closes applications that I haven't even opened. I will restart the phone or do a battery pull and as soon as I unlock the phone, I am greeted by at least two apps that have been force closed. (I put the phone in Safe Mode to see if it helps. It actually force closed applications more frequently)

3) I will try to unlock the phone and the screen will lock up and will need a battery pull to fix it.

4) If I stay in the same place and only wake the phone up from sleep mode without actually running any applications, the phone will go from 4G to 3G to not even being connected, all within about an hour.

5) Since the update, I have had HUGE data usage spikes in my bill. I went from an average of 2 gigs a month to 9 gigs of data the month after the update and 7.5 the month after.

6) I will go into my contacts to make a call and when I click on the number of the contact I would like to call, the phone is unresponsive and doesn't call.

7) The phone will randomly log me out of my email accounts and I miss important emails for work. This only recently started happening.

😎 The phone alerts me of several missed calls without ever actually ringing. (I know I just didn't hear it because the phone is usually on the desk in front of me and I'll wake it up to check the time and next thing I know, I have 6 missed calls)

9) If the phone actually does start ringing from an incoming phone call, when I go to answer the call, the phone freezes a lot and won't actually answer the call, but it continues ringing.

Re: Major phone issues since last update
Customer Support

@daroo10 - Making sure that you have a working device is a priority with us. From the time that you posted this message, have things improved, or did we replace the device for you? Let us know as we do not want you to keep experiencing these issues.

Thank you daroo10. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Major phone issues since last update

Since the posting, I received a third replacement for my phone. So far it is the best working phone out of all of them. It occasionally freezes up and I have to do a battery pull to get it stable again. I'm just quite unhappy because I didn't really even want the phone to begin with. Verizon called me and said they wanted to give me the early upgrade last year so I was like fine, but it has been a nightmare. Then I am approved for an early upgrade by two different managers from call centers and am told that they need to call me back to do the order, but I never get called back. When I call back, I get diverted and the new person on the phone ends up just wanting to send me a replacement Droid Charge. Then I finally get someone who will give me the upgrade, but then am surprised to find out that by upgrading, I will no longer be able to keep my current contract.

I have been a Verizon customer for one hell of a long time and have never had an issue until this past month, and am exhausted from having to make so many calls to Verizon. If nothing is resolved with my account by the end of my contract period, I am going to someone else.