Mini got very hot and had no data connection (tho I had 4G bars)
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I had an interesting occurrence this past weekend with my Droid Mini, which I really like and have been using for over a week, and hope a Verizon tech person can help explain.  It had never gotten hot even during heavy use but got alarmingly hot to touch while not being used at a recent college football stadium.  I noticed earlier in the day that I was not able to send MMS messages (only text--no photo attachments), then during the game, data connections ceased (no internet or email connection) even though the phone was indicating a strong 4G connection (three bars.)  I stopped using it but it started really heating up in a vest pocket. I rebooted but the behavior continued.  My wife and daughter who are on our family plan and have a Droid Razr M and Samsung Galaxy S3 respectively were experiencing the exact same issues--no data connection (even though indicators showed decent 4G) and phones were both hot to touch.  They had tried to email and text photos from the game.  We tried connecting to a a simple google search website using phone browsers and they all timed out.

Given the symptoms, I suspect it was a weird Verizon network issue that was causing connection problems.  But can connection issues cause phones to overheat?  Can a Verizon tech person look into whether there was a network glitch in the Boulder, Colorado area the evening of 9/7/2013?  All of our phones seem to be operating normally now with normal app and network connections.   Any help or reassurance that this is a one-time issue would be very helpful.