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Missing files on SD card after phone replacement....

Hey all,


Last week my Bionic just suddenly stopped working and wouldn't turn back on.  Luckily I had the extended warrenty and Verizon shipped me a new phone.  My problem now is I seem to have lost almost all my files on my SD card.  Before the last phone died I had close to 8 gigs of music, a few documents, and some backups for a few apps, and a bunch of pictures.  Now if I explore the SD card through the phone (i.e. with Astro or something similiar) I only see four folders and a few pictures.  If I plug the phone into the computer and use Mass Storage Device, I can only see two folders, one with a few pictures (seemingly the same ones I can see on the phone, but still far shy of the amount I did have) and one folder of a backup I had transfered onto the card from my old Droid when I first upgraded to the Bionic.  Can anyone tell me what's going on.  I mean data thats on the SD card should stay on the card no matter where I put it, so how could I have lost all this stuff just plugging it into a new phone, and why am I seeing two different things when I look at it on the phone vs on the computer.


Thank You