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Motorola Droid- Charging port too loose, falling out

I recently (last week) picked up a replacement phone for my old Motorola Droid which had suffered screen damage from my local Verizon store. All seemed to be working well but I had noticed that I had to contort the cord on my wall charger somewhat strangely to fit into the charging port. Once I did that, though, it charged normally and everything worked relatively well.

The past couple of days I've noticed that it's been harder and harder to get the phone to charge, that I had to contort the cord more and more, maybe stretch it out, turn it in a strange direction, things like that. Today, I noticed that the charging port was rather loose and was being pulled out somewhat when I removed the end of my charging cord from it. Things quickly got worse, with the phone refusing to accept a charge or signify that it was charging, and eventually, after many tries, the charging port became so loose that it is now pulled out completely from the phone every time I remove the charging cord (with the port ending up stuck on the end of the cord).

My phone is now seemingly completely unchargeable and I'm not sure what to do. I'm doubtful that I'd have another replacement available, even though the one I was given seemed to be defective (considering the phone hadn't been dropped or mishandled in any way on my part and wear and tear can be ruled out simply because of the incredibly short amount of time this phone lasted for).


Re: Motorola Droid- Charging port too loose, falling out

I have noticed that on my phone as well. It more appears to be wornout. I also can not get any internet at times, the phone also turns off all of a sudden and I have to remove the battery in order to get the phone to turn back on. I am taking my phone back this weekend. If I have to live with this for 2 years I will go crazy.