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Motorola Replacement Battery

My Droid X BH5X batterty has begun discharging completely in just a few hours.  I have begun turning off BT and GPS routinely while at home.

I purchased a BH6X which arrived today.  It is supposed to have a slightly higher amp hour rating. When I installed it and placed it on the charger, the initial response was that the battery was not a true Motorola battery and could not be charged.  The paper wrapping on the battery is similar to that on the BH5X and indicates that it is a Motorola battery.  I left it on the charger for about two hours.  The M logo would come up whenever I pressed the power button.  Twice, I got a battery meter reading, first at 30% and later at 80%.  I was able to start the phone while it was still connected to the charger.  The battery indicator showed a question mark (?) in lieu of a battery charge status.  When I removed the charger, the screen went blank.  I could not turn the phone on with the new battery installed.

Has anyone else tried this battery as a replacement?  If so, what was your experience?


Re: Motorola Replacement Battery

I decided to reinstall he battery to see what would happen.  When I turned on the phone, the, the battery indicator indicated that the battery was fully charged, thereby showing that the phone was recognizing the battery after all.  The problem I described is solved.