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My Charge is sending unknown text messages

Over the past week, my wife has been receiving text messages that I have not physically been sending.  They are very random messages.  They do not show up on my phone as sent, but based on the timestamps on my online bill, it shows that I sent them.  We compare our screens and clearly she is receiving them and it shows that I did not send anything.  Today's example was a little strange though, I'm not sure about the exact timing, but my phone rebooted twice while sitting in my pocket and i heard my wife's phone receive a text message about the same time and she responded a minute later, which I received after the 2nd reboot.  I do have the latest software update and otherwise my phone works just like everyone else's Charge   It is one of the worst phones I've ever owned and I test phones for a living, but I've gotten used to working with it's crazy quirks. 

Re: My Charge is sending unknown text messages
Customer Support

Hello jwlkr,

     Text messaging is my favorite method of communication! With so many varieties of messaging options, it's no wonder many people prefer texting over voice calling. I want you to enjoy texting just as much as I do! With that being said, I am committed to getting this ghost text messaging issue resolved for you! Below are a few questions that I have so I can start the investigation.

  • What is the exact software, baseband, and build version on the Droid Charge?
  • Are you using any 3rd party messaging apps?
  • How much onboard device memory do you have free?
  • Does ghost text messaging only happen with your wife's mobile number or are other contacts affected?

     To start the troubleshooting process, I suggest erasing all of your old threaded text messages, reboot, and retest the service. Also, if you are using any 3rd party messaging apps, please remove from the device prior to the reboot. Please verify that all your other voice and data services are working properly. Once you have done these steps then please reply to this posting with our results just in case more assistance is needed.

Thank you...

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Re: My Charge is sending unknown text messages

sounds like you could have a rogue app that is sending texts on your behalf.  get an anti-virus or adware app to clean it out.