My Charge is stuck in silent mode

This phone has been the absolute worst investment I have ever made. Now, after a year of fixing random issues, my phone has decided to stick itself in silent mode. If I hold down the power key and select to turn off silent mode from that screen it shows as being off. Then, I go to the sound settings and the checkbox is checked. I uncheck it, back out, check again and the box is unchecked. Hold down the power button and that is set to on again. The 2 don't match up and it is driving me crazy.I have spent 2 days troubleshooting this piece of junk phone.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my phone to start making sounds again? I already tried the tricks online of holding down the # key and it does nothing. Help!

Re: My Charge is stuck in silent mode

My Charge has been coming on in dead silent mode since the last upgrade, causing me to miss incoming calls unless I am looking at the screen.  Samsung had no working answer for me.

However, pressing the side + volume button takes it out of silent mode until I power off the phone.